We have a simple product for a practical purpose - to master cord clutter.

The HMC version is the most versatile Cord Commander product for horizontal, wall mount type chargers.

This design features side mount architecture and universal docking slot positions. The benefit is universal compatibility with a large number of portable electronic device chargers. It is so versatile it fits many Bluetooth device chargers, streaming player chargers, hotspot device chargers, and various chargers for cordless products.

Additionally, this version is compatible with chargers commonly sold with slider phones, flip phones and first generation smartphones.

Like our other versions, theHMC is easy to use. First step, dock the charger to the base. Next, wrap the excess cord around the hub leaving only the length needed to reach the device. Finish by securing the cord to a catch. The surplus cord is now neatly stored on the hub.

Our design is conveniently small, making it a handy size for brief cases, luggage and purses.

Cord Commander - solving the problem of cord clutter one charger at a time.

Please note: Since the supply of horizontal mount chargers and power adapters are nearly limitless, we are in the process of providing a list to address to address the most popular wall mount power supplies. As with our other versions, only North American, non-polarized blade configurations will dock with this version.

Our line of Cell Phone Charger Cord Organizers offers a version called “HMC” that will fit most chargers for slider cell phones, flip phones, 1st generation Smartphones, and Bluetooth devices. This version of the Cord Commander product line can be used with a variety of 10 to 25 watt rectangular chargers used with cordless shavers, POS systems, message machines, cordless landline phones, mobile hot-spot routers, flashlight chargers, etc., the list goes on and on. Although this was design was originally considered for residential applications, this unit has many commercial uses for cord control in offices, restaurants and OEM uses.

This unique cell phone charger cord organizer has the same Cord Commander qualities – simple, convenient and functional. Our value is to deliver a product that provides users with a compact and easy method to control charger cord excess. This Cord Commander HMC product provides a better way to clean up cord clutter form countertops, drawers, floors, and walls. This version is the most universal because it has slot locations that allow the flexibility to accept the most popular SMPS type chargers and has a larger hub to provide longer or larger cords more area for a complete wrap up. We hope this cell phone cord organizer will bring benefits to users with a need to control ugly, messy cord clutter.

Cord Commander, eliminating cord clutter one charger at a time.

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