Tired of cord clutter from your LG charger?

We have a simple product with a practical purpose – to master cord clutter.

Our LVC version is compatible with LG G3 & G4 chargers and some brands utilizing higher capacity vertical chargers with larger diameter cords.

This product provides an inexpensive solution for removing cord clutter from countertops, drawers, floors, and walls.

Easy to use, simply dock the charger to the base. Next, wrap the excess cord around the hub leaving only the length needed to reach the device. Finish by securing the cord to a catch. The surplus cord is now neatly stored on the hub.

Our design is conveniently small, making it a handy size for brief cases, luggage and purses.

Cord Commander, solving the problem of cord clutter - one charger at a time.

Our LVC version is primarily compatible with LG G3 & G4 chargers with (North American plug configuration only; however, brands using vertical body construction may fit this version.

LG, G3 & G4 are registered trademarks of LG Electronics Co., Ltd.

Made in the USA

Since our specialty is to make products to manage charge cords, we are pleased to offer our LG Charger Cord Organizer version with the same great features as our other Cord Commander products. In keeping with our product objectives – simple, convenient and functional, our LVC version is special because it may be the only product on the market that is compatible with most LG chargers. This version was designed for larger diameter cords whereby this hub will provide the extra space to neatly wrap up larger cord sizes.

Most “after-market” cord replacement manufacturers use a larger diameter cord which increases the space required to store it. Our LVC version can handle the longer and larger capacity cords. If you own a Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy charger with a larger diameter cord, our LVC version may be the answer if our Apple or Samsung compatible versions do not have enough hub space to completely wrap up the cord.

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