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The Cord Commander Advantage

The Cord Commander is the perfect charger cord organizer for any mobile charger!

One single product can accept just about any OEM charger (2 prong, wall mount type) on the market regardless of brand or cable connectors.

Organizing you charger cord is simple – attach charger, wind cord, store it, carry it, or keep it on the outlet.

Benefit_3_Cord_Commander_Charger_Cord_Organizer for Android chargers.jpg

Cord Commander products are the better charger cord organizer for any wall mount, 2 prong, non-polarity charger today or in the future. Our patented design will handle just about any new charger that comes to market in the future. Why? Because mobile chargers and upcoming smart chargers can only occupy a certain footprint on a 5-15R receptacle. Our docking positions are strategically located to accommodate just about every charger that can be designed within those parameters. And by the way, our design will not block the other outlet on a duplex receptacle.

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