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Cord Commander Cord Organizer FAQs

What is the Cord Commander?

A universal, attachable, cord organizing solution for mobile chargers.


What is the primary advantage of Cord Commander?

It works with (attaches to) almost every charger. One product for any charger.

It works with any charger?

Yes, just about,  provided it is a 2 prong (non-polarity), wall mountable type.

Does the connector type matter?

No. It does not matter on the type of connector on either end of the cord.

Does the cord type matter?

Yes. Braided cords are too large for the cord catches and the storing hub. Additionally, standard cords (18 to 24 gauge) that are longer than 5 ft will exceed the storing hub’s capacity.


What is the best feature of the Cord Commander?

The Cord Commander docks (attaches) as an integral part to the charger.


How is attaching to my charger an advantage?

Your charger is now a cord organizer too!

How is that beneficial?

The cord organizer does not separate from your charger and all the surplus cord is now stored on the charger.

What is the advantage of storing the cord on the charger?

No messy wire bundles hanging from your charger like wraps, ties or Velcro strips do.

How does the Cord Commander add the cord organizer to the charger?

The patented “plug-and-play” docking feature.


What are the benefits of "plug and play" docking?

1.  The cord organizer securely attaches to the charger.

2.  It is provides the universally compatible for just about any type of mobile charger.

Can the Cord Commander be used for other chargers?

Yes, provided the charger is a 2-prong (non-polarity), wall mount type and can dock with any one pair of slots.

In fact, it can be used with other portable electronic device chargers – Bluetooth headsets, hotspot devices, modems, wireless routers, and small cordless appliances.

What is a non-polarity charger?

Both blades/prongs of the charger are the same size and does not have a ground pin.

What is the difference between the Android and Apple version?

They are exactly the same, except for the color.

Where is the Cord Commander made?

Manufactured in Gardena, CA USA.

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