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Our Story

It's about organizing charger cords with a single product, so universal, that it is compatible with the largest variety of mobile chargers (e.g., cell phone chargers, tablet chargers, wireless device chargers, portable device chargers, etc.) regardless of brand or connector.

Our product is designed for organizing charger cords for just about any 2 prong (non-polarity), wall mount type charger with one caveat, the charging cord is not an oversized cord like most nylon braided types.

Our story is about organizing charger cords for cell phone and tablet chargers.

How it started

Charger cords began cluttering my clean living space.


The inspiration

It "happened" while I was packing several of my chargers and charger cords (into a baggy) for an upcoming business trip and thought there had to be a better way to organize my charger cords.

Design criteria

I started by defining two basic features my cord organizer must have - universal compatibility for chargers of varied sizes/shapes and no wire “bundle” dangling from the charger.


A simple idea

With an inspiration, I modified some household plastics for my mock-ups and one particular design proved to meet both design objectives.


Taking the next step

I contacted a former roommate (an Industrial Designer by trade) who created the CAD files to make actual prototypes. With prototypes in hand, evaluations proved it worked with a variety of chargers. At a family gathering, I showed a relative who liked the product and said it needed a catchy name. With some deliberation, “Cord Commander” was coined.


Putting the pieces together

Now, I needed a manufacturer. My goal - make the Cord Commander in America. This was more challenging than anticipated because the majority of U.S. plastic’s manufacturers are built in China. After a year and a half of “set-backs,” I found a great tool maker and production house. It was quite a learning experience. I am proud to say our product is 100% American made and that includes our packaging.


We hope our cord management product will make your living space a little neater.

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