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A New Type of Cord Holder for Cell Phone Chargers!

Updated: Feb 29

Cord Holder for Cell Phone Chargers

Are you ready for a new type of cord holder for your cell phone charger’s cord? If so, we offer a cord holder product to organize your cell phone charger cord. We have two cord holder products – one for Apple chargers and one for Android chargers. Actually, regarding the Android version, it’s for manufacturers of non-Apple cell phones since Android is an operating system. Our Android version we call Android Commander is designed for Samsung, Google, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc. type chargers. Our cord holder for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and both USB-C (18 watt and 29 watt) chargers is called Apple Commander. Our cord holder product line is much simpler and easier to use then cords, wraps or Velcro. Actually, our cord holder is superior because one product can work with all types of chargers. we really do have the ultimate cord holder for your charger.


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