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Cord Management for your Apple iPad Charger Cord with Apple Commander!

Updated: Feb 29

Cord Management for Apple iPad Charger Cord

Cord Commander offers the ideal cord management solution for your Apple iPad charger cord. One simple to use product that attaches directly to your charger enabling the charger to become a cord management accessory. The wire management product for your iPad charge is called Apple Commander. Not only will it work with your iPad charger, it will also work with the iPhone charger, Apple’s 18 watt and 29 watt USB chargers too. We can tell you that the Apple Commander is compatible with all types of wall mount chargers. It is capable as a wire management product to work with a Hatch sound system charger, iStart battery pack charger, Walmart’s Hyper-Tough charger and others as well. The Apple Commander is a one-of-a-kind cord management product to help you get your Apple iPad charger cord neat and tidy.


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