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Stop Cord Clutter - Cord Organization for Your Chargers

Updated: Feb 29

Stop Cord Clutter - Cord Organization

Stop cord clutter from taking over your living space. Cord Commander is the cord organization solution for your charger. It is a single organizational product solution for any Apple of Android charger. Our Apple version called Apple Commander will work with the iPhone (5 watt) charger, the iPad (12 watt) charger, the USB-C 18 watt charger and the USB-C 29 watt charger. Our android version Cord Commander will work with Google chargers, Verizon chargers, Motorola chargers, LG, chargers, Samsung and Samsung Galaxy chargers, Blackberry chargers, and HTC chargers. In fact, it will work with just about any 2 prong, non-polarity charger including many wirless hot spot chargers, bluetooth chargers, cable modem chargers, etc.


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