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How to organize your Verizon charger cord with one simple product – Android Commander!

It’s easy to organize your Verizon charger cord with our patented Android Commander cord organizer product. Very Simple, attach charger to the Android Commander, wind cord and the excess cord is now stored on your charger. Our Android Commander is the ultimate cord organizer for a variety of cell phones and tablet provided under brands like Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Motorola, LG, HTC, Blackberry and a host of others. Our design accommodates just about every 2 prong, non-polarity, wall mount charger because our attach point is based on prong location relative to the body construction. That is why we have the most universal, attachable cord organizer on the market. Since charger manufactures must build chargers with certain physical constraints to keep their charger from impeding with the other outlet on a duplex receptacle, our cord organizer design follows a similar pattern. Therefore, our cord organizer product will likely work with future charger designs and that is how we can organize your Verizon charger cord with our cord organizer product.


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