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A Product Solution for Organizing Wires for Tablet Chargers!

Updated: Feb 29

Organizing Wires for Tablet Chargers

Organizing wires for tablet chargers may seem difficult without a product designed for specifically charger wires until now. Cord Commander introduced a line of wire organizers for tablet chargers. Actually, our products are so universal, they can also organize charger wires for the majority of cell phones irrespective of the brand of cell phone or tablet. The two versions of our product solution for organizing wires on tablet chargers are: Apple Commander for Apple chargers (iPhone, iPad and both USB-C, 18 watt and 29 watt chargers) and our Android Commander for brands like Samsung Galaxy, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and any others not mentioned who use a wall mount, 2 prong, non-polarity type charger. If you are looking for the best way to organize your charger wires for your table, look at our Cord Commander products for your perfect solution.


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