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Wire Management for Mobile Chargers

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

We manufacturer wire management products for just about any mobile charger on the market today. Our Cord Commander products are the only attachable, universal wire management made for almost every 2-prong charger types regardless of manufacturer. Both Cord Commander products are compatible with just about every brand of cell phone charger and just about every tablet charger as well. In fact, our wire management products are so universal, they are compatible with many other type of electronic device charges - hotspot units, wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, cable modems, POS registers, legacy cell phones, and tablet chargers. You may be wondering why our wire management products are so universally compatible with a variety of different chargers. It is our patented design that gives our products the universal compatibly. Again, regardless of the charger brand, power or size provided it’s a 2-prong type.


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