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Apple Commander is a universal cord organizer for Apple OEM mobile chargers. Now your charger can be a cord organizer too! Just attach Apple Commander to your charger and start eliminating cord clutter from your living space.


This handy cord organizer accessory will instantly add cord management to your iPhone, iPad or USB-C (18 watt or 29 watt) charger.


With Apple Commander, excess cord is always stored right on the charger. No more hassling with messy or dangling cords cluttering your favorite charging locations.


Do you travel? You’ll love that Apple Commander keeps the cord tightly stored onto the charger. No more loose cords floating around or getting tangled inside your personal carryalls or luggage.

Make your space a little neater with Cord Commander today!

Apple Commander

    • Organize each mobile charger with one product
    • Attaches as an integral part of the charger
    • Surplus cord is stored on the charger
    • Uniform hub provides easy cord wrap up and unwinding
    • Integrated cord catches to retain cord position and length
    • Docking slots on base for secure charger attachment
    • Multiple pairs of docking slots for charger compatibility
    • Two cord catch sizes for 2.5 up to 4.0 mm cable diameter
    • Cord catches to retain cord position and length
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