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Yep. Just two cord holder products for just about every type of charger

Choosing between Apple Commander or Android Commander, either cord holder product will get your cord neat and tidy right on the charger.

We manufacturer cord holder products for just about every mobile charger made provided the charger is a 2-prong wall mount type. Our Apple Commander and Android Commander are the only attachable, universal cord holders manufactured in the USA regardless of the charger maker or brand. Both Cord Commander products are designed to be universally compatible with the majority of cell phone chargers and the majority of tablet chargers. Our cord holder products are so universal, they are also compatible so many other electronic device charges. Just to name a few; hotspot units, wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, cable modems, POS registers, legacy cell phones, and tablet chargers. If you are asking why our cord organizer products are so universally compatible with a variety of different chargers. Well, the design of the attachable base flange (our patented design) that gives our cord holders their universal compatibly.


Our flag ship cord holder - Apple Commander is designed to be a single universal cord organizer product for all of Apple’s mobile chargers. This includes Apple’s: iPhone charger (5 watt), iPad charger (12 watt), iPad Pro & iPhone 11 Pro charger (USB-C 18 watt) or MacBook Air & 12" MacBook charger (USB-C 29 watt).


Our Android Commander is the first dedicated cord holder designed specifically for Android chargers. Yes, we understand. Android is an operating system and does not make phones or chargers. We are only referring to  commonly used terminology when referring to a phone (or charger) as an Android rather than as the manufacturer. This is almost certain, our Android Commander is the only attachable cord organizer designed as a single, universal cord holder product that is compatible with the leading Android brands (e.g., Samsung, LG, AT&T, Google, Verizon, or HTC chargers).

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